WORKSHOP: Publishing Assets as Linked Data with Fedora 4

Austin, TX  David Wilcox, Fedora product manager and Andrew Woods, Fedora tech lead, will offer a workshop entitled, "Publishing Assets as Linked Data with Fedora 4" at the Library Publishing Forum (LPForum 2016) to be held at the University of North Texas Libraries, Denton, Texas on May 18 from 1:00 PM-3:30 PM. All LPForum 2016 attendees are welcome—there is no need to pre-register for this introductory-level workshop.

Fedora is a flexible, extensible, open source repository platform for managing, preserving, and publishing digital assets. Fedora is used in a wide variety of institutions and organizations, including libraries, archives, museums, and government organizations. Fedora 4, the new version of Fedora, introduces native linked data capabilities and a modular architecture based on well-documented APIs and ease of integration with existing applications. Both new and existing Fedora users will be interested in learning about and experiencing Fedora 4 features and functionality first-hand.

This workshop will provide an introduction to and overview of Fedora 4, with a focus on the features most relevant to publishing in digital libraries. Using a pre-built virtual machine environment, participants will learn how to create and model assets following linked data best practices. These assets will then be indexed to a search application and triplestore to demonstrate how to publish linked data for search and discovery. 
Workshop attendees can expect to come away with a working understanding of Fedora’s main features and benefits, and a clear path for adopting Fedora as either an integration with existing systems or a complete repository platform.