Fedora at Open Repositories: Hands-on Fedora 4, RepoRodeo, API Extension, State of the CLAW, Hydra at 30

Austin, TX  In two weeks the open repository community will gather at the Open Repositories Conference in Dublin, Ireland to share ideas and catch up with old friends and colleagues. The Fedora community will be on hand to participate and offer insights into current and future development of the flexible and extensible open source repository platform used by leading academic institutions.

Introduction to Fedora 4 Workshop

Join David Wilcox, Fedora product manager and Andrew Woods, Fedora tech lead for a full day Introduction to Fedora 4 Workshop on Monday, June 13. New and existing Fedora users will have the opportunity to learn about and experience Fedora 4 features and functionality first-hand–more information.

Repository Rodeo

A panel of repository experts including David Wilcox from Fedora will offer ideas on differences and similarities among well-known repository platforms on Tuesday, June 14–more information.

Fedora 4: Specification vs. Implementation

Andrew Woods and Adam Soroka will discuss the background around community development of a well-specified application programming interface (API) that provides a stable layer of abstraction between Fedora clients and repository implementations on Wednesday, June 15–more information.

API Extension Architecture Project: Introduction and Update

Aaron Birkland will present an overview of the community effort to define use cases, extract requirements for the Fedora API Extension Architecture (API-X) project. Updates on progress, a description of the core framework, and examples of extensions and deployment scenarios will be discussed on Wednesday, June 15–more information.

State of the CLAW Address

Nick Ruest, Melissa Anez and Diego Pino will provide an update on a project that began in 2014/2015 to create a version of Islandora that would work with of Fedora 4 including an overview of what the project has achieved and the current state of the software on Thursday Jun 16–more information.

Hydra at 30 (Partners): Robust Repository Tooling through Community Collaboration

Join Jon Stroop and Mike Giarlo for an updated overview of how the different elements that now make up many feature­-rich Hydra (based on Fedora) applications fit together, and the current work underway in the Hydra community on Thursday June 16–more information.